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These are the players whose nations have ascended into alicorns and gone on to pursue new pleasures.
NationUserAscended On
CaballiaMaddjak2023-08-26 21:47:45
Normal PonyvilleTwilightSparkleReal2023-08-26 18:17:32
SorythQueen Yaria2023-08-26 17:31:48
The Changeling Kingdom of Hoosertkshman2023-08-26 15:20:27
Shandlapresh2ElectricBoogalooValencrad2023-08-26 14:31:34
Rhodes IslandTheVanishing2023-08-26 14:15:13
MoonshireZerral2023-08-26 14:15:10
ArchaeopolisSapphic Horses2023-08-26 14:12:16
GreneclyfQueen Gytha2023-08-26 14:05:31