Yes it real. Lunatic is an changeling, DNAlabs are not real and there are no more than 2 alicorns.
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The Graveyard only holds nations which have been in the game for a month before ceasing to exist.
NameKillerDied On
Lunar EmpireRebels2024-05-17
lol dedMassive Uprising2024-01-24
LancelotMassive Uprising2023-11-22
HarkonnenMassive Uprising2023-11-22
Apple TownOrgan Donors Anonymous2023-11-19
Chevre CorpMassive Uprising2023-11-10
Luna Makes Me HardMassive Uprising2023-10-31
1Massive Uprising2023-09-30
Kingdom of AlbaniaMassive Uprising2023-09-17
Crown Dependency of KingsovoMassive Uprising2023-09-17
The Kirin OasisRebels2023-08-29
District 14Massive Uprising2023-08-25
AinesmarkMassive Uprising2023-08-14
PondesiaMassive Uprising2023-08-10
General MaresRebels2023-08-06
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