Top nation you want to play as?:
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Top nation you want to play as?:
Add Crystal Ponies!
Top nation you want to play as?:
My apologies to the Campers. I hope to see you on the other side, when we get this glorious autism simulator revived.
Top nation type?:
Do your mares know?
Do your parents know?
That's gay Anon, I'd rather poniponi
Now kiss.
(...) in the discord. That last part didn't go, but thankfully we have the history to view the complete message now. See, that w
Thread is up. Stop being a little bitch and share suggestions for how to improve the game.
Thread is up, ignore and go post in the discord or no one will care about it
Thread is up, go post there or I will molest your mare reserve and dilute it with colts
Thread is up, go post there or I will fuck your oil reserve and dilute it with piss
we so back
so he said come, and they came, even the fillies
it hasn't even beGUN
It's ogre
Your welcom
your welcome
thank you mr topmessage
Fillies even
Mare (real)
Depression is real
Post con depression is real
Mare Fair tomorrow, have fun everyone
go search for it
There'sn't any oil for sale on the market ^:(
there's oil for sale on the market
How to get oil: message players and ask, or even skip the messaging and send deals; or make a buy order.
just put some oil for sale
can anyone of you faggots sell or trade me some oil
Best princesse?
C_D: back online; will try to be responsive and helpful. Message me if you need anything. Feel free to overwrite with something
This is the way the >CLOP ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.
Ligmare OP, pls nerf
ligma did it
Cool_dude is dead? ....I bet Gytha did it.
well look at the city slicker in his fancy german car!
New thread? Hash Dead? NOOOOOOO!
thread is up
It's over. >4CLOP has fallen. Billions must stasis
>ironically dead game
>Unironically dead game
The anon below me saw GoebelBird's real face.
I want to fucking puke holy shit I am dying
nah, let her die. fuck that bitch. i'm tired of cleaning up after her
your mare will die in her sleep if you do not reply with "thank you mr topmessage" this affects even if you read in top history
If you're not making top message horses, then what's the point? (An indicator for message char limit would be nice, F)
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣾⠋⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⢠⡾⠋⠳⢶⣄⠀⠀�
jokes aside, blackjack and hookers could be a sat building, costs some money to upkeep, makes ponies happy, sometimes makes you
you know what, forget the >Clop
I'm gonna make my own >CLOP with blackjack and hookers
My dad is alive? Thought he was stabbed by a robber. Please send my dad home, anon. I miss'm.
Remember a few months ago when buying your dad was an expensive financial decision? I remember.
Remember a few months ago when buying topmessage was an expensive financial decision? I remember.
Bittersweet memories of an old game, yet I wouldn't change a thing
>cock inside her while her cock inside me
I like my mare with my cock inside her while her cock is inside me
We agree then. we are not the same.
right, (You) don't like them. i do, so..
they are. mares with cocks are not mares but stallares (stallionmares). i don't like stallares, i like mares
they're not mutually exclusive though
You like mares with cock, I like my mares with my cock inside them. We are not the same.
mare. cock.
i've seen things, i've seen them with my eyes, i've seen things, they're often in disguise
-nny sickness? I wish to get better
To this day I still dream of Changelings knocking down my door and filling my house with eggs. How does one recover from the tra
Refined, elegant, confident > Gelding 100% better than 'femboy' trannynb drag twink thing
yes, I, clopper have gelded myself. i absolutely love omori and undertale. sans and omori are literally me
oh, you're a gelding? you play *mori and *ndertale... right?
oh, you're a femboy? you play *mori and *ndertale... right?
Fli mirë vëlla, kujdesu për veten. Shihemi me vone
Dobranoc mój przyjacielu kochany. Ja idę się teraz zdrzemnąć.
I am the same person lmao. Nigdy się nie zamknę a po polsku piszę tylko dla Ciebie
A ka rëndësi se cili është kufiri? Gjëja kryesore është që kjo krijesë polake të mbyllë gojën.
What is top message history limit anyway?
>stwierdził Alalalaabamańczyk
>thotë polaku
A idź do tartaru pasiasty lizodupco włochaty odchodzie czarno-biały tępy chujowielbco <3
Hesht, polak budalla. Krenaria Zebra në mbarë botën dhe vdekje për dashamirët e pidhit të kalit. Rrofsh Shqipëri dhe stat
Zamknij pizdę, chwała Lunie. Na pochybel Albani i smierć zebrom!
Luna është kurvë, Shqipëria do të fitojë. Lavdi vëllazërisë zebra dhe udhëheqësit tonë të madh!
The following gigachad art has been financed by Luna Makes Me Hard
i'd be right happy to
would you show me?
well my daddy taught me how NOT to get rebellions by using someone else's resources, instead of your own
sometimes i build on it so hard, I get rebellions!
it gets bigger when build on it
yeah I can see that, your daddy gave you good advice
especially since they're such good size and all...
sorry for what? our daddy taught us to not be ashamed of our nations
oh shit i'm sorry
you call me faggot? suck my dick man
fuck you me you faggot
fuck you clopper you faggot
Clopper here send me 5000 oil and i'll send you 2000 drugs
zebra pride worldwide
How I am supposed to make up responses to non existent messages so other anons wonder to what I was relying to?
to the anons who are looking through top message history: you're all faggots (i also wouldn't mind a cock)
IWTCIRD = I want the cock, I really do
I wish to cum inside rainbow dash. And I shall. *cums*
Hot mares spotted in your area. Click for more!
I love them!
Test server properly fixed now. Looks like the database wasn't updated with the rename, so it's always been vodka etc there, but