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These rankings are only for GDP made from factories and satisfaction! There are plenty of other ways to make money in >CLOP. Take these rankings with a grain of salt.
NameGDP Last TurnGovernmentEconomy
Nightmares disciples (Saddle Arabia)16,525,000DemocracyState Controlled
Regal Birch (Saddle Arabia)14,697,860DemocracyState Controlled
The Hive (Saddle Arabia)6,820,000RepressionState Controlled
Moms Basement (Zebrica)5,125,000DemocracyState Controlled
Land of Thought and Flow (Saddle Arabia)2,220,000RepressionState Controlled
Outer Hayven (Przewalskia)2,200,000RepressionState Controlled
Sleipnaria (Burrozil)1,980,000Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Zavonea (Zebrica)1,380,000RepressionPoorly Defined
Lorinsia (Burrozil)1,137,850IndependencePoorly Defined
weloveponuts (Burrozil)1,000,000DemocracyFree Market
Zebonia (Zebrica)611,010Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
new maresanto (Burrozil)240,000DecentralizationState Controlled
Vladihoofstock (Przewalskia)203,250DemocracyState Controlled
Ankha (Saddle Arabia)160,000Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Pegasus sweatshop (Przewalskia)160,000Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Anonfilly Autocracy (Burrozil)153,280Loose DespotismState Controlled
New Cantervale (Burrozil)125,000DemocracyFree Market
Shahdom of Nishapur (Saddle Arabia)117,000Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Sora (Burrozil)102,320Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Behold Efficiency (Zebrica)100,000Loose DespotismState Controlled
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