Yes it real. Lunatic is an changeling, DNAlabs are not real and there are no more than 2 alicorns.
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A nation's age has nothing to do with how long its owner has been playing >CLOP.
NameAgeCreation DateGovernmentEconomy
Nightmares disciples (Saddle Arabia)3082023-02-27 18:32:43DemocracyState Controlled
Outer Hayven (Przewalskia)2452023-04-16 14:42:38RepressionState Controlled
Yuria (Przewalskia)1422023-12-29 03:45:26Lunar ClientPoorly Defined
Behold Efficiency (Zebrica)792023-09-30 12:15:32Loose DespotismState Controlled
new maresanto (Burrozil)642023-10-19 16:44:43DecentralizationState Controlled
Vladihoofstock (Przewalskia)462024-04-02 10:21:01DemocracyState Controlled
weloveponuts (Burrozil)452024-04-04 07:51:01DemocracyFree Market
Anonfilly Autocracy (Burrozil)412023-03-02 04:20:13Loose DespotismState Controlled
The Hive (Saddle Arabia)322024-04-17 17:45:39RepressionState Controlled
Sleipnaria (Burrozil)292024-04-20 04:01:16Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Regal Birch (Saddle Arabia)282024-04-21 02:09:06DemocracyState Controlled
Zebonia (Zebrica)282024-04-21 21:46:00Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Shahdom of Nishapur (Saddle Arabia)262024-04-23 21:13:43Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Moms Basement (Zebrica)202024-04-29 05:14:01DemocracyState Controlled
Zavonea (Zebrica)182024-04-30 08:08:28RepressionPoorly Defined
New Cantervale (Burrozil)172024-04-30 22:55:28DemocracyFree Market
Lorinsia (Burrozil)162024-05-03 03:44:19IndependencePoorly Defined
Ankha (Saddle Arabia)152024-05-04 23:56:17Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Land of Thought and Flow (Saddle Arabia)122024-05-07 09:11:06RepressionState Controlled
Thirdworldia (Saddle Arabia)92024-05-10 06:10:13Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
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