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A nation's age has nothing to do with how long its owner has been playing >CLOP.
NationAgeCreation DateGovernmentEconomy
Behold Ovipositor (Zebrica)322024-05-24 12:02:07DecentralizationState Controlled
Sad Arabia (Saddle Arabia)272024-05-29 19:53:53Solar VassalFree Market
Empyrean Fields (Burrozil)232024-01-24 08:44:20Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Longshot Monastery (Burrozil)122024-06-13 19:51:21Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
Amber Burrows (Zebrica)112024-05-26 17:05:16Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
The Luna Fragments (Burrozil)92024-06-16 04:24:27Loose DespotismState Controlled
Chrysalia Mines (Zebrica)92024-06-16 21:46:31Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
100 percent organic mango oil (Saddle Arabia)82024-06-17 09:09:20Loose DespotismState Controlled
Schwangis (Burrozil)62024-06-19 08:30:24Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
chad (Zebrica)42024-06-21 16:00:54Loose DespotismPoorly Defined
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