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North Burrozil

Government: Independence

Economy: Poorly Defined

Leader: alki

Alliance: Frigid Winds Front

Created: 2024-05-03 03:44:19 (Age: 53)

[Age: 0]
An agrarian nation in northern Burrozil. Lorinsia has a small population and specializes in apple plantations owned by the powerful aristocracy, which dot the open countryside. Despite the idyllic scenery, the established nobility is corrupt and retarded.
[Age: 7]
Lorinsia has recently begun the process of industrialization, fueled by the explosion of the apple and coffee industries in the wake of global shortages. In particular, the profits reaped from large apple sales have been invested into several state-owned advanced factories, which have increased Lorinsian GDP by over 90%. Economists hope that this gain will offset the growing thirst for oil demanded by the emergent industrial economy amid high international oil prices.
Political power is growing increasingly centralized under House Lulamoon, which owns many of the secondary manufacturies of Lorinsia. Although the Lulamoons don't have a large stake in the vast agricultural sector and as such don't directly reap the benefits of Lorinsia's export-focused economy, their leadership in the food industry in particular has earned them a strong reputation among the commoners who rely on Lulamoon pies and cider. The Lulamoons have started exercising their influence among their fellow elite to advocate for anticorruption laws and political reform, insisting that Lorinsia must reach its destiny of becoming a "great and powerful" nation.
To meet Lorinsia's growing demand for copper and industrial parts, they have sought closer trade relations with members of the Frigid Winds Front alliance, and have even temporarily hosted a military comission from Vladihoofstock. Time will tell if the Lorinsian government will continue to develop ties with the Frigid Winds Front, or pursue business with other international cliques.
[Age: 13]
Another wave of social change has swept through Lorinsia. With their formal entrance into the Frigid Winds Front, nationwide sources of oil and parts have become significantly more secure, creating a boom in the manufacturing industries. However, first offer contracts formed with members of the alliance have limited the supply of apples and coffee reserved for the international free market and forced the price of agricultural goods to lower, which has weakened the influence of the traditionally powerful landowning nobility. Lorinsia's agricultural sector remains the majority of its economy, but has come to rely on large government subsidies in order to provide enough volume to support its allies.
In the power void left by the decline of the old agricultural houses, House Lulamoon has taken the opportunity to seize power, leading a coalition of other urban, industrial nobles to dissolve the ancient aristocratic Estates' Assembly. Upon the old government's ashes, Trixie Lulamoon has ascended to the throne of queen, the highest level of political office, forming a constitutional monarchy and a National Diet made up of friendly nobles. A concentrated effort to consolidate power under House Lulamoon followed shortly thereafter, during which weak rural houses with small holdings were stripped of their titles, while the leaders of several major corporations were granted peerage and seats in the Diet. Although democratic in name, power in the new government remains concentrated in the upper classes and the average Lorinsian citizen wields little political influence.
Notably, after declaring a democracy, the new queen was quick to renounce all imperial ambitions. In her coronation speech, Her Majesty Queen Trixie I outlined her vision for the nation's future as a great and prosperous haven of commerce, and resolved never to colonise and rule over a foreign power.
[Age: 23]
Lorinsia has continued to grow in recent years under the diligent rule of the House Lulamoon. Representatives of major corporations have collaborated with the foreign ministry to develop trade agreements with fellow alliance members of the Frigid Winds Front, finally slaking the Lorinsian economy’s thirst for oil and securing reliable sources of advanced machinery. Through skillful diplomacy with both the Solar Empire and New Lunar Republic, the Lorinsian foreign ministry has procured assistance from both superpowers with the construction of ten state-of-the-art environmental facilities. The resulting excess of satisfaction has already created a boom in industry and signals a bright future for the Lorinsian economy.
Not all news in Lorinsia is good, however; the nation has recently been thrown into uproar as an incoming attack from a coalition of nations in the 2nd Trade Bloc has been announced by the Ministry of War. This new attack is part of an offensive wave stretching across the Frigid Winds Front, and is the largest to date in the current war. Perhaps more importantly, it is the first time the young nation of Lorinsia has been directly attacked by a foreign power. Despite Trixie Lulamoon’s declaration of Independence, war has become unavoidable, and the time has come for the Queen’s ponies to take up arms. The Lulamoons’ diplomatic efforts were not for nought, however, as Lorinsia has received extensive material support from her allies in the Front. These resources were quickly appropriated by the military, which has increased nearly tenfold in a vigorous effort to assemble a defence.
The Lorinsian military, traditionally limited to the small Queen’s Guard stationed in and around the capitol, has undergone massive reforms to accommodate a dramatic expansion with the assistance of military advisors from allied nations. Mirroring the Queen’s Guard, the new Lorinsian Armed Forces is built around a core of cavalry divisions fighting in tandem with large air formations. Controversially, a large army of unicorns has been levied from the population resulting in widespread unrest among unicorn populations. The military prowess of unicorns is recognised internationally, but unicorns have long enjoyed privileged status in Lorinsian society, and are sharply resisting military conscription. Additionally, Lorinsia lacks a domestic supply of gems, and relies upon her allies for donations of the large quantities of them needed to maintain such a large force. The arrangement has been sharply criticised as unsustainable, and a statement issued from the Ministry of War announced that the levy would be disbanded upon the war’s conclusion.

GDP: 450,000 bits every 2 hours
Advanced Factory10
Basic Apple Orchard181
Basic Factory20
Cider Production Facility1
Coffee Farm160
Coffee Shop97
DNA Extraction Facility - N. Burrozil5
Drug Farm1
Gasoline Combustion Facility57
Gasoline Refinery61
Lunar Environmental Facility5
Mechanized Apple Farm150
Oil Combustion Facility5
Plastics Factory31
Solar Environmental Facility5
Sun Worship Center4
Toy and Candy Shop90
Toy Factory120
No attackers are in this nation.


Queens Guard
Owned by Lorinsia (Burrozil)
4th Queens Guard Regiment
Size: 10
Training: 12
4th Royal Fighter Wing
Canopy Lights
Size: 10
Training: 12
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 2,057 668 1,389
Cider 5 3 2
Coffee 800 245 555
DNA - North Burrozil 5 0 5
Drugs 10 0 10
Energy 732 719 13
Gasoline 488 488 0
Oil 0 774 -774
Pies 447 440 7
Plastics 124 120 4
Toys 360 360 0
Vehicle Parts 0 4 -4
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 6,681 5,022 1,659
Cider 955 874 81
Coffee 2,445 1,633 812
Copper 3,396 0 3,396
DNA - Central Burrozil 1 0 1
DNA - Central Saddle Arabia 10 0 10
DNA - Central Zebrica 0 0 0
DNA - North Burrozil 28 0 28
DNA - North Przewalskia 10 0 10
DNA - North Saddle Arabia 1 0 1
DNA - South Burrozil 41 0 41
DNA - South Przewalskia 0 0 0
DNA - South Saddle Arabia 11 0 11
DNA - South Zebrica 11 0 11
Drugs 40 0 40
Energy 8,008 6,626 1,382
Gasoline 3,496 3,046 450
Gems 771 104 667
Machinery Parts 0 110 -110
Oil 8,397 8,034 363
Pies 2,793 2,655 138
Plastics 1,055 657 398
Toys 1,971 2,092 -121
Tungsten 264 0 264
Vehicle Parts 0 268 -268