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scout has left stasis.2023-11-23 19:51:07
The nation of Lancelot (Lance) has exploded from a massive uprising!2023-11-22 04:00:03
TeaJay has gone into stasis.2023-11-22 02:33:40
The user VOwOxel has created the new nation of Djinnia.2023-11-22 02:24:30
The nation of Harkonnen (VOwOxel) has exploded from a massive uprising!2023-11-22 02:00:03
Cool_dude has left stasis.2023-11-21 21:38:48
snowpity_enjoyer has gone into stasis.2023-11-21 10:48:07
snowpity_enjoyer has left stasis.2023-11-20 00:53:00
WritefrenIsKill has gone into stasis.2023-11-20 00:28:38
Queen Gytha has gone into stasis.2023-11-20 00:22:31
scout has left stasis.2023-11-19 21:25:00
TeaJay has left stasis.2023-11-19 21:21:47
Robertius The First has gone into stasis.2023-11-19 20:46:53
FruitFlavouredCereal has gone into stasis.2023-11-19 04:00:14
Lunatic has gone into stasis.2023-11-19 01:08:23
The nation of Apple Town (PonerBoner) has been destroyed by the independent nation of Organ Donors Anonymous!2023-11-19 00:00:04
WritefrenIsKill has left stasis.2023-11-18 19:04:23
The user WritefrenIsKill has created the new nation of MareAthon Petroleum.2023-11-18 19:04:12
Robertius The First has left stasis.2023-11-18 18:52:46
The nation of MareQuest (WritefrenIsKill) has been conquered by the armies of PonerBoner!2023-11-18 12:00:03
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