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South Kirinia

South Burrozil

Government: Oppression

Economy: State Controlled

Leader: clopper

Alliance: gm_construct_extended

Created: 2023-03-09 22:16:51 (Age: 223)

>The lone thestral wandered across the dappled grove, her ears twitching at her surroundings.
>The abundant flora cast enticing scents her way, bountiful fruits growing from near every patch of foliage.
>She couldn't help but wonder what she had wandered into.
>A shuffling sound caused her to freeze, her sensitive ears twitching at the light disturbance.
>She turned around, only to have her gaze met by a single, young kirin.
>The kirin stared at the batpony, and the batpony stared back. No words were exchanged.
>The bat mare smiled, and waited for a response from the young mare.
>After what felt like an age, the kirin turned to open her satchel.
>From her satchel she produced an apple for the bat. An offer the bat could not refuse.
>This would clearly be a fruitful friendship.

GDP: 80,000 bits every 2 hours
Advanced Factory1
Basic Apple Orchard185
Basic Factory1
Cider Production Facility12
Coffee Farm180
Coffee Shop200
DNA Extraction Facility - S. Burrozil10
Drug Farm1
Gasoline Combustion Facility54
Gasoline Refinery56
Lunar Environmental Facility5
Mechanized Apple Farm175
Moon Worship Center13
Oil Combustion Facility18
Plastics Factory11
Solar Environmental Facility5
Toy and Candy Shop104
Toy Factory139
No attackers are in this nation.
No defenders are in this nation.
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 2,325 914 1,411
Cider 60 38 22
Coffee 900 600 300
DNA - South Burrozil 10 0 10
Drugs 10 0 10
Energy 864 862 2
Gasoline 448 442 6
Machinery Parts 0 5 -5
Oil 0 748 -748
Pies 642 618 24
Plastics 44 139 -95
Toys 417 416 1
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net