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6/8 online: hop on gmares!
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Alliance NAP times! Now including:
1st Trade Bloc, Changeling Economic Forum
Cozy Campers, Commonwealth of Mare
Maresaw Pact, New Moon Spice Trade
Tir Na Nog
* * *
The gmares are open for business! Message [clopper] if you'd like to arrange for deals or political treaties!
BurzumMareThe Democratic Peoples Republic of Horse (Przewalskia)
clopperCloptopia (Przewalskia), Colgates College for Mediocre Unicorns (Przewalskia), Colgates Orchard of Adequate Apples (Burrozil), Cunny Juice (Burrozil), Gythas ERP Dungeon (Burrozil), Myasia (Saddle Arabia), Outpost Vegas v4 (Burrozil), Silverfield (Zebrica), South Kirinia (Burrozil), texlandia2 (Saddle Arabia), The Ponipality (Saddle Arabia)
PaylotPONESOC (Saddle Arabia)
phaxarisStalliongrad 2 (Przewalskia)
runningpengupenguinland (Przewalskia)
RybbMarelover (Burrozil)
VOwOxelDjinnia (Saddle Arabia)
ZerralMoonshire Crater (Zebrica)
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