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Central Przewalskia

Government: Oppression

Economy: State Controlled

Leader: clopper

Alliance: gm_construct_extended

Created: 2023-02-25 06:17:24 (Age: 235)

>In the temperate lands of the north, where day and night blur borders, a sleepy nation quietly exists.
>The batpony residents of these lands had learned not to fear the sun long ago. They had come to adore her the sweet rays She cast.
>These thestrals were day worshippers, ever thankful for the light that she gave. Ever grateful for the beautiful world She illuminated.
>Solar panels lined every house and factory, graciously providing them with sweet energy at no cost.
>Producer of plastics and purveyor of parts, the mechanically gifted civilians toil throughout the night so that they might relish Her day.
>Peace and tranquility through work and dedication.
>The small, blue-maned batmare smiled as she looked upon her sprawling lands.
>Truly, this was a prosperous place.
>But there are always more friends to be made, in far off nations.

GDP: 11,450,000 bits every 2 hours
Advanced Factory40
Basic Factory60
Cider Production Facility47
DNA Extraction Facility - C. Prze10
Gasoline Combustion Facility60
Gasoline Refinery87
Lunar Environmental Facility5
Moon Worship Center13
Oil Combustion Facility58
Plastics Factory60
Przewalskian Plastics Factory70
Solar Collector2
Solar Environmental Facility5
Tidal Generator2
Toy Factory67
No attackers are in this nation.


Scouting Squadron E
Owned by Cloptopia (Przewalskia)
Scouting Squadron E
Scrounged Weapons
Scrounged Armor
Size: 1
Training: 20
Sneaky Snake Scout
Owned by Cloptopia (Przewalskia)
Sneaky Snake Scout
Scrounged Weapons
Scrounged Armor
Size: 1
Training: 20
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 0 579 -579
Cider 235 232 3
Coffee 0 200 -200
DNA - Central Przewalskia 10 0 10
Energy 1,420 979 441
Gasoline 696 690 6
Gems 0 80 -80
Machinery Parts 0 85 -85
Oil 0 1,854 -1,854
Pies 201 200 1
Plastics 590 67 523
Toys 201 200 1
Vehicle Parts 0 200 -200
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net