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North Saddle Arabia

Government: Loose Despotism

Economy: State Controlled

Leader: VOwOxel

Alliance: gm_construct_extended

Created: 2023-11-22 02:24:30 (Age: 53)

A nation of engineers, born out of a dire need for the planet's blood.
They founded this place in remembrance of their long lost ancestors in the south and plan to continue their legacy.

GDP: 50,000 bits every 2 hours
Basic Oil Well30
Cider Production Facility3
Gasoline Combustion Facility35
Gasoline Refinery37
Lunar Environmental Facility5
Mechanized Oil Well40
Moon Worship Center3
Oil Fracker100
Plastics Factory12
Solar Environmental Facility5
Toy and Candy Shop36
Toy Factory48
No attackers are in this nation.
No defenders are in this nation.
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 0 243 -243
Cider 15 12 3
Energy 420 419 1
Gasoline 296 280 16
Oil 2,470 418 2,052
Pies 144 132 12
Plastics 48 48 0
Toys 144 132 12
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net