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Moonshire Crater

North Zebrica

Government: Loose Despotism

Economy: Poorly Defined

Leader: Zerral

Alliance: gm_construct_extended

Created: 2023-08-28 10:37:22 (Age: 45)

A huge crater where Moonshire caverns were previously located. When those batponies ascended, they took their favorite cavesystem with them to space. This exposed rich mineral deposits, and the remaining batponies, who refused to associate with changelings, started to build in the new formed walls.

GDP: 50,000 bits every 2 hours
Basic Copper Mine100
Cider Production Facility5
Gasoline Combustion Facility22
Gasoline Refinery22
Gem Mine14
Mechanized Copper Mine100
Oil Combustion Facility11
Plastics Factory28
Toy and Candy Shop84
Toy Factory112
Tungsten Mine22
No attackers are in this nation.
No defenders are in this nation.
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 0 585 -585
Cider 25 22 3
Coffee 0 14 -14
Copper 1,300 0 1,300
Energy 396 393 3
Gasoline 176 176 0
Gems 42 0 42
Oil 0 420 -420
Pies 336 336 0
Plastics 112 112 0
Toys 336 336 0
Tungsten 88 0 88
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net