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North Przewalskia

Government: Loose Despotism

Economy: Poorly Defined

Leader: runningpengu

Alliance: gm_construct_extended

Created: 2023-04-25 10:30:23 (Age: 106)

a group of penguins trying to survive in this pony world. Lost and desperate, they came across this blind mare that is willing to help them in need. Snowdrop, now the leader of the newfound land, assist them and helped them make friends with other ponies. She has a pure heart that treated them as her own kind, lit up hope and optimistic to their uncharted future, even though it might just be because she can't tell the difference between ponies and penguins... And now, the penguins have sworn to be her eyes, guardians of their northern princess.

age:1 the tribe have been established
age:3 joined and gain connection with gm_construct_extended
age:4 first arcade center and bakery built, penguins thrilled with the new stuff
age:5 first advanced factory built
age:8 first plastic factory built
age:13 Snowdrop became the formal leader of the tribe
age:14 some complains that there are too many arcade center in the region and penguins getting too addicted, while their princess couldn't play any.
age:15 authorities built environmental facilities to deal with pollution.however, due to poor planing it also leads to huge economic crisis and close destruction. factory and facilities were forced to shutdown, penguins were out on strikes with the largest sat loss ever record by far. thanks to snowdrop foresight the problem were quickly dealt with minimum losses, as the tribe tries to recover.
age:17 the tribe have recovered and now in steady state. As for the guilty authority, even though they are responsible for the cause, there effort still fixed the majority environmental problem. Therefore, they are only sentenced to be whipped by the princess herself.
age:18 the punishment had been executed in dark rooms without notification. Witnesses demands to know what happened inside as they describes, boxes of authority quoted "princess's whipped pie" have been sold throughout the tribe as the price went skyrocketing, boosting the local GDP to nearly double from before. Some penguins review it as "the taste from heaven" and craves for more.
age:20 the first army defense force established
age:21 new long term trading contract signed, penguins scramble to fulfill the agreement
age:22 the first super huge iron tanker of the S.H.I.T. class battleship is built out of hard work and pride from the penguins. Named as Snowfall, this ship is designed to support allies and acquire navel supremacy.
age:22 new toys are now in production, most of them are all offered to Snowdrop, which leads to short term gift bans as she explain "I don't even have a spot to sleep anymore since my room is all stuffed with toys. Give it to others in need instead~"
age:26 war looms between major alliances. as the penguins went into panic, their leader declared neutrality act to calm them down.
age: 29 the dreadful war had came to an end. It had ended so quick and swift that the penguins only heard a few explosions from far away, now they hope the global trade would recover from the impact.
age: 32 rumors about penguin's DNA had been extract by the authorities , some are now seeking for the truth for this bizarre accusation.
age: 34 local pie store have made a new recipe for a new flavored pie, snowpie. Those who tasted it says it's just snow stuffed into pies and nothing much about it. After the baker throwed snowpies at the critic's face, a massive snowpie fight occured which escalate quickly across the country. Now it has become a new yearly festival in the tribe.
age: 42 a looming crises emerge as the authorities now has to consider a difficult decision that will shatter the core on this nation
age: 43 the vote has ended, the majority of the coffee supporters had won, and the cider supporter are outraged by the result. Causing another massive snowpie fight occured in the tribe.
age: 50 The penguins celebrate the 50th anniversary of the tribe and send out their best regards and gratitude to their friends, either still active or had left. To give out love and appreciation to their leader, Snowdrop, the penguins decided to build a magnificent statue of Snowdrop with the help from their friends. It is 20 meters high, made with 20000 coppers and filled with beautiful gems for decoration. Snowdrop herself after hearing about the statue said she felt very embarrassed but give out her thanks to everyone and wishes to maybe see it someday.
age: 52 large statue of a mighty stallion is placed just beside the Snowdrop statue, a magnificent gift from one of the penguin's closest friends, Hatch. As the penguins gives out their greatest gratitude to their friend, they had to remove a small part of the statue to make it quote, "appropriate for Snowdrop "
age: 56 rumors about authorities planing for an invasions of other nation worries the public.
age: 60 the authorities are now mass extracting penguin's DNA for unknown reason which made the penguins outrage, as Snowdrop tries to calm both parties down.
age: 62 the public is furious with the recent failed invasion that they did't even know about, and the support for the authorities have reach new lows. Tension rises among this north nation.
age: 76 the authorities decides to hold Snowdrop as captive, using her influence to try manipulating the penguins. This leads to massive uprising as the penguins call to arms to save their princess from restrain. The final effort from Snowdrop to stabilize both parties had failed as penguinland is now in civil war.
age: 77 Uncertain but alarming news of Snowdrop being in bad conditions made the Royal Princess Guard change sides and joined the rebels, as more civilians also joined the fight against the authorities.
age: 100 the civil war finally ended as the rebels destroyed the authority's last defense and ran into exile. Freed from the chains, the princess declared to be the sole ruler from now on, changing the government type to absolute monarchy. To celebrate their 100th anniversary of the country, a new statue representing the will of the penguins is built, as the nation mourn the loss of all the lost souls to the recent conflict.

GDP: 1,000,000 bits every 2 hours
Advanced Factory35
Basic Factory25
Cider Production Facility45
Coffee Shop50
DNA Extraction Facility - N. Prze60
Gasoline Combustion Facility44
Gasoline Refinery47
Lunar Environmental Facility5
Oil Combustion Facility38
Przewalskian Plastics Factory25
Solar Collector2
Solar Environmental Facility5
Tidal Generator2
Toy Factory5
Video Arcade89
No attackers are in this nation.


Royal Princess Guard
Owned by penguinland (Przewalskia)
Royal Princess Guard
Chem-Light Battery
Size: 1
Training: 20
Owned by penguinland (Przewalskia)
Super Huge Iron Tanker class Snowfall
Waterline Eraser
Size: 1
Training: 20
empire new task forces
Owned by penguinland (Przewalskia)
empire new task forces
Size: 5
Training: 20
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 0 75 -75
Cider 25 24 1
Coffee 0 150 -150
DNA - North Przewalskia 0 0 0
Energy 532 230 302
Gasoline 376 352 24
Oil 0 570 -570
Pies 75 63 12
Plastics 125 5 120
Toys 15 0 15
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net