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Pony Express

Central Burrozil

Government: Loose Despotism

Economy: State Controlled

Leader: PonerBoner

Alliance: Maresaw Pact

Created: 2023-08-20 08:45:52 (Age: 109)

After several comical revolutions, the ponies who formerly staffed the General Mares cereal corporation have sworn off of sugar and switched to a diet heavy in MSG!

GDP: 120,000 bits every 2 hours
Advanced Factory10
Basic Apple Orchard195
Basic Factory25
Cider Production Facility4
Coffee Farm100
Coffee Shop3
Gasoline Combustion Facility23
Gasoline Refinery23
Lunar Environmental Facility5
Mechanized Apple Farm180
Moon Worship Center5
Oil Combustion Facility37
Plastics Factory40
Solar Environmental Facility5
Sun Worship Center8
Toy and Candy Shop109
Toy Factory146
No attackers are in this nation.
No defenders are in this nation.
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 905 412 493
Cider 20 16 4
Coffee 95 9 86
Energy 336 296 40
Gasoline 184 160 24
Oil 0 382 -382
Pies 210 255 -45
Plastics 88 84 4
Toys 252 252 0
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net