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Maresaw Pact

More formally known as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual assistance.
Berry Punch (Stasis)Nationless
Clarissa (Stasis)Nationless
Cool_dude (Stasis)Ourasia (Zebrica)
DaybreakerAppreciator (Stasis)Austbatt (Burrozil)
DayOfTheRake (Stasis)Scania (Przewalskia)
Fapman (Stasis)Fapman (Przewalskia)
Goose (Stasis)The League of Ugly Bastards (Zebrica)
lolilover2000 (Stasis)Nationless
Monarch (Stasis)Neo Arcadia (Burrozil)
Number Eight (Stasis)Sunset Makes Me Hard (Burrozil), Twilight Makes Me Hard (Zebrica)
PonerBoner (Stasis)Pony Express (Burrozil)
PONYALT1234 (Stasis)Nationless
Robertius The First (Stasis)Robertian (Zebrica)
Solanon (Stasis)New Confederation of Canterium (Burrozil), Urugait (Burrozil)
StallionCuddler (Stasis)United Pony Emirates (Saddle Arabia), United Stallion Federation (Burrozil)
The Monarch (Stasis)Nationless
WritefrenIsKill (Stasis)MareAthon Petroleum (Saddle Arabia)
Zeeke the zebra (Stasis)Nationless
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