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South Burrozil

Government: Loose Despotism

Economy: Poorly Defined

Leader: DaybreakerAppreciator

Alliance: Maresaw Pact

Created: 2023-02-25 17:19:21 (Age: 26)

Austbatt, officially the Dominion of Austbatt is one of the oldest Burrozillian colonies, dating back to before the Solar Empire and the collapse of the diarchy.
Originally inhabited only by small-time plantation owners, it received an influx of Solarist Bat Ponies some forty years prior to the onset of the Solar - Lunar War.
These specific Bat Ponies had been enchanted by Celestia many years prior with diurnality, a request made by an old Chieftain on his death bed that the rest of the clan ended up accepting in honour of him, and his peculiar love for Celestia's sun.

The demographics of Austbatt changed wildly, with this new strain of diurnal Bat Ponies quickly becoming the most populous race, and giving the colony its first official name.
Nothing would change radically, however, until the outbreak of the Solar - Lunar War. Though loyal to Celestia, they saw little of her beloved harmony within the Solar Empire, and were loathe to fight their fellow bats within the NLR.
Thusly, a newly elected government would adopt the age-old tradition of plugging their ears and pretending nothing was going on. The new portraits of Celestia that were sent following her ascension as Solar Empress were stuffed away in a
broomcloset, and, although the portrait of Princess Luna was removed from the newly formed Austbatt Parliament, Austbatt never formally recognized a split in the Diarchy, and still recognize Princess Celestia as Head of State.

Since then, Austbatt has been unformally run by a Chancellor, elected every 15 years by adults over the age of thirty. In theory, the Chancellor holds nearly unlimited power, but his actions are subject to veto by both Parliament and the Council of State,
the latter of which is made up of appointed representatives from the clergy, military, nobility, and a multitude of minority groups. Parliament, the elected body, can veto the Chancellor with a 2/3rds vote, whereas the Council of State must be unanimous in its decision.

To avoid raids by either Lunar or Solar vessels mistaking them for the opposing side, Austbatt adopted its own flag, first solely for merchant vessels, and eventually as a national flag as the war ground on.
The government is split primarily between Right-Solarists, a coalition made up of pro-Solar Empire political parties, and the Centre Harmonist Party, a union between the Celestial Party and the Harmonic Republican Party.

GDP: 70,000 bits every 2 hours
Basic Apple Orchard13
Basic Factory2
Cider Production Facility2
Gasoline Refinery1
Mechanized Apple Farm7
Oil Combustion Facility2
Video Arcade1
No attackers are in this nation.


1st Solarist Rifles Lewdenbat
Owned by Austbatt (Burrozil)
1st Solarist Rifles Lewdenbat
Size: 2
Training: 20
Nation Resources
Resource Generated Used Net
Apples 121 14 107
Cider 10 6 4
Energy 24 18 6
Gasoline 8 0 8
Oil 0 26 -26
Pies 6 3 3
Alliance Resources
Resource Generated Used Net